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Codecademy profile

Check out my profile on Codecademy. It shows a brief summary of what courses I’ve completed and the badges I’ve earned.

Gamer day

Today I created my first game of programming.

First I had to ask the user if they were ready to play, which was me by the way.

Then I had to follow the topic for it, writing some strings at first. After that, I had to, well this is the tricky part, I had to prompt something or something.

Anyway, skip that part to the one after that. Then I had to do an if/else statement for something.

And then I had to come up with something else at the end, well, pretty much, and then I got to play my game at the end.

And well, I’m done with programming for today, so goodbye.

And P.S. I’ve got to hurry for something. And goodbye. And that’s it. I didn’t mean for you to print that, but um. Anyway. goodbye, I’m going upstairs.  I forgot the upstairs is the other way.

Bad day

Today I didn’t learn any programming.

Today I didn’t do much typing either because I couldn’t.  If you’re wondering why, I have a splint, because I did something to my pinky.

Anyway, I’m about to go to Nana’s house, so goodbye.

hi this is KELLAN!

i am 8 years old.

this is my first log of something i’ve learned in programming. i am learning JavaScript.

Today I learned:variables

a  variable is taking a string and turning it into something

i’ve learned how to change variables and how to use them

I learned how to do the length of a variable and how to change a variable and how to use a boolean with a variable

This is how you define a variable:

var myAge = 8;

This is how to print it:


And that is how to use a variable. And that’s about all for today. Goodbye.

P.S Other things I learned today that I will talk about later include strings, substring, booleans, playing with numbers, if/else statements, how to get the computer all confused.

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